Natural Resources Conservation Matching Grants 
NRC matching grants provides funds for conservation districts to address on-the-ground conservation problems identified at the local level. Funds are appropriated annually through the Colorado State legislature and districts apply through the Colorado State Conservation Board (CSCB) to fund an important conservation project or program in their community. The District must provide a dollar-for-dollar match from local, private or federal cash or in-kind sources for program awards.  This program is open to all Colorado Conservation Districts to help them implement private lands on-the-ground conservation projects. 

• The program provides 50% state funds towards the costs of such projects. 
• The District and their partners provide the other 50% of funding. 

The grant is competitive and a committee of government and private conservation experts rank the applications based on: 

• conservation impact 
• feasibility 
• district involvement 

Irrigation Water Management 
The Shavano Conservation District employs a full-time Irrigation Water Management (IWM) Specialist. Funding for this technical position is made available through the Natural Resources Conservation Service. The IWM Specialist provides on-farm technical support to landowners on their irrigation systems and will review proper irrigation technique. Soil moisture data loggers are available to rent through the District each growing season.

SnoTel Report 

NACD Technical Assistance Grants